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Senior Backend Developer

Are you our Problem Solver?

We are now on the verge of taking our platform to the next step, not only are we chunking it down to micro-services and moving to scalable hosting, we’re building Swiftcourt 2.0 based on accumulated knowledge that we’ve gathered from years of iterations. We’re also building a scalable transaction platform with the goal of taking care of high value transactions on a global scale.

We’re super excited about what we’re building, but to succeed, we need people that can code and that do that really really good.

Therefore, we’re looking for a Senior Backend Developer, who can join the team and help us write code from day one that will take us closer to our goal. You’ve done this before, and you’ve done it good. You have more than 5 years experience from Backend Development. During that time you’ve seen things go to sh**t, you’ve been right in the middle of it, but you’ve always solved it. You are indeed a true problem solver!

We’re looking for you..

  • who finds it exciting to create and develop new and innovative products and ship new solutions to the users on a daily basis.
  • who wants to be part of a creative team that’s always pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together
  • who look forward to working in a fast-paced startup-environment where things change rapidly.

Your competencies..

  • You’ve got 5+ years of backend development.
  • Worked in micro service infrastructures.
  • Worked with NodeJS, Golang or Python.
  • You’re used to test driven development.

Apply now!

We want to make everything simpler than it already us. Even our application process. You don't need to send us your CV or resumé.

Send us an email and we'll see you for a coffee. If you have a LinkedIn profile, Github profile or similar, please send it over to as as well once you're at it. We might ask you for your CV and references after our coffee. We might even ask you to do a programming challenge just to see what you're capable of.

Contact me!

Johan Hedén Hultgren
+46 766 45 44 59

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