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Senior Software Engineer

Harder, better, faster, stronger. Do you like those lines as much as we do? If you’re looking for a proven product that has already helped over 980,000 users, and has the huge potential of adding a couple of zeroes to the end of that number, you’re in the right place. We are seeking an experienced software engineer with the ability and drive to code our established product to the next level.

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Who we are

Superheroes, athletes, geniuses, daredevils… Oh, wait, this was supposed to be about the company? Right, right.

Swiftcourt is a fintech startup working towards the vision of making P2P transactions simpler and safer. We provide our users with smart digital sales contracts, secure payments, and other related add-on services. Our contracts have been used by over 980,000 users and the number is increasing rapidly every day. We’re partnered with 12 different marketplaces from all over Europe, and also work with private businesses who want to make their customers’ lives a bit easier.

What we can offer you

What you’ll do

Do you have experience working in a startup? Good! Then you’ll know that the distinguishing feature of a great start-up is its ability to listen to its end users, and adapt and improve its products based on their feedback. The downside? You end up with a large platform that could have been built to be more effective had all the requirements been known in advance. The upside? NOW they are. And that’s where you come in.

Your job will be to develop solutions to the architectural challenges that we face daily. As we’re growing at a fast pace, you’ll join us in building Swiftcourt 2.0 to make existing processes smarter, faster, and cooler. Our core product is a version-controlled contract platform with payment and add-on extensions. You’ll work in Node.js, Docker, Postgresql, and MongoDB to mention a few.

Whether you’re into advanced user systems, version controlling, payment and checkouts, or user interfaces such as drag and drop builders, we’ve got the project for you. By breaking out existing services into micro services you’ll improve the performance of our product, and enable us to quickly adapt to new users and opportunities by creating products catered to specific needs. You’ll be trusted to voice your opinions on how to deal with challenges we’ve never dealt with before. And just like we do, you probably think that that’s a pretty darn fun way of working.

Who you’ll work with

At Swiftcourt you’ll join a small, eager, and creative team that works hard but plays even harder! Check out our team page to learn more about the amazing people of Swiftcourt.

What you can offer us

Who we think you are

You’ve worked at a startup before and know what it’s like to work in a fast-paced environment where what’s considered top priority can differ greatly from one month, week, or even day to another. You enjoy “wearing different hats”, i.e. taking on tasks of varying nature, and are a true team player. From planning to production – you have experience in starting up projects and seeing them through.

We think that you identify with the following:

  • A self-starter who takes pride in your work and responsibility for deliverables
  • A pacesetter ready to try ideas, fail and then try again
  • A braveheart who dares to voice your own opinion and listen to other’s
  • You get things done

What we need you to know

  • “The normal experience”: Linux, git, kanban/scrum processes
  • Experience in working with containerization infrastructures such as Docker and Kubernetes to create micro-service architecture
  • Fluency in Javascript, Node.js, and PostgreSQL
  • Experience in event-based systems such as RabbitMQ
  • As it’s our company language, you can write and speak English on a high level

Psst! You get bonus points for…

  • Cloud computing platforms knowledge: AWS/similar
  • Experience in working with micro-frontends

The position is full-time and our office is located in Malmö. However, we love flexibility as much in our work as we do in our platform. Therefore, remote work is not a problem, but we all try to be at the office at least 3 days a week to enhance cooperation.


If you’re intrigued by this job ad, simply send a hello to career@swiftcourt.se and we’ll set up a time for a relaxed conversation. We’ll take it from there!

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Hiring Manager

Hampus Sahlin
Chief Technology Officer
Apply by: 31st December 2021 to career@swiftcourt.se

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