Terms and conditions FOR THE payment service on

Terms and conditions for the the payment service on

The payment processing services ordered by you by placing this order will be provided to you by FINN NO AS (hereafter “Processor”), with which you are entering into a direct agreement by confirming this order. Swiftcourt (hereafter “We /Us”) will assist and support you in your use of the services to be provided by the Processor and we will provide you first line assistance with and enable you to connect to the systems of Processor to be able to use its services. For this purpose, you hereby instruct Processor to provide us access to your data and setting in Processor’s systems which are used by Processor to provide the services and authorise us to manage these on your behalf.

WARNING: Please note that the right to use the payment services is only for sales in your own name. You may not resell, hire or on any other basis allow third parties to use the payment services to enable such third parties to be paid for their services. You may not use the payment services for different types of product and services than as registered with your application. In particular you confirm that you will not use the payment services for any type of product or service appearing in the Prohibited Products and Services List of our Processor which can be found here. If we or our Processor at any time discover that the information you provided about your business is incorrect or has changed without informing us or if you violate any of these conditions, the services may be suspended and/or terminated with immediate effect and fines may be applied by the Credit Card Schemes and/or the authorities for unregistered or inappropriate use of payment services which will in such case be payable by you.

Know your customer (KYC)

To process your order, we need to perform a KYC-process to make sure we comply with European legal and financial requirements. The KYC-process helps us identify you, as well as verifying that you are the rightful owner of the bank account to which the money will be paid out to.

The following KYC-checks will be performed before any payment processing:


To identify you, we use BankID, which is a strong authentication-service issued by the banks in Norway and regarded as one of the strongest electronic authentication methods available.

Bank account verification:

For verifying that the bank account belongs to the seller, we use TINK, which is an open banking-solution enabling the seller to log in to his or her bank and choose which bank account to use.

Register checks:

To process any payments, the Processor needs to perform register checks; Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

WARNING! Please note that the payment processing may be rejected due to failure in the KYC-processes.

In case of a dispute between the buyer and the seller when the money is in the vault

If the buyer has paid in the money to the vault, and a dispute arises between the money while the money is being held securely in the vault, and before confirmation, hand-over and pay-out to the seller have happened, the following applies:

The complaining party needs to create a complaint, and FINN will, via Swiftcourt's mediation platform, facilitate the dialogue between the parties. The pay-out is then put on hold until any of the following happens:

  • The buyer approves the pay-out to the seller,
  • The seller approves the pay-out to the buyer,
  • The buyer does not answer the complaint within 7 days from the creation of the complaint, and the seller can prove that the vehicle has been handed over. Seller will then get paid in full.
  • The seller does not reply within 7 days from the creation of the complaint, and the buyer can prove that the vehicle has not been handed over. The buyer will then get paid back in full (minus the transaction fee for using the payment service).

If the buyer and the seller can not find a solution within 14 days from the creation of the complaint, FINN will then pay back the money to the buyer in full (minus the transaction fee for using the payment service), and refer the parties to Forbrukerrådet. Forbrukerrådet will then try the case and help the parties resolve their dispute.

Cancellation of the payment service

It is possible to cancel the payment service before the buyer has paid in the money into the vault. If the buyer and/or the seller wants to cancel the payment, they need to contact Swiftcourt's support for further assistance and guidance. If there is a dispute between the parties, what has been mentioned above applies.


Refunds are not available after the money has been paid out to the seller since it is a private transaction. The parties need to resolve any issues or disputes outside of the payment service, either on their own or via official channels, such as Forbrukerrådet.

Confirmation of order and acceptance of terms of use

By submitting your order you confirm to have taken notice of and to accept the following terms and restrictions: