We create digital transaction solutions that make buying and selling second hand simpler and safer.

You should help us.

Work that matters

Sustainable shopping

Out with the new, in with the old. Our service makes second hand purchases simpler and safer.

Power to the people

Handing out the tools necessary for safe P2P transactions gives people the confidence to do their own thing.

Disrupting an industry

Online marketplaces have looked pretty much the same since the dawn of the Internet. That’s dumb.


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Is it the sexiest product on earth?

We’ll tell you right now: it’s not. But listen! Rather uniqely, our product actually only does good. It helps people buy and sell second hand, protects from manipulation, generates no emissions etc.

Unlike many, we all get really excited when someone from the outside-world asks what we do for a living. Because we’re lowkey saving the world. And you could too!

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We matter because you matter

We’re paving our way through unbroken grounds, determined to make a difference. Being a small team with a big vision, hiring people who color outside the lines is crucial. We’re eager to progress and aren’t familiar with “that’s how we’ve always done it” or “that’s not my role” – we try and fail and then try some more.

No one day is like another at Swiftcourt. That’s what we love the most about working here.

  • Pacesetters

    We try ideas fast, learn from our mistakes, and try again.

  • Bravehearts

    We’re not afraid to explore things we haven’t done before.

  • Self-starters

    We own our work and take responsibility for our deliveries.


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Richard Gustafsson, Swiftcourt

“One of my favourite things with Swiftcourt is that we're always dedicated to help our users with real world problems in an honest and fair way. It's never long between decision and action and we enjoy a very short feedback loop between our efforts and impact.”

Software Engineer

Nora Lundberg, Swiftcourt

“My favorite thing about working at Swiftcourt is for sure the startup environment. I get a lot of responsibility and am trusted with some really big things, even though it’s my first ‘real’ job. Trial and error is the language we speak at Swiftcourt and that’s golden for me.”

Formerly employed as Content Creator

Sofia Malmberg, Swiftcourt

“We hit hurdles more often than you might at a traditional company. But the reward you get when you manage to overcome that hurdle and solve a problem that people or businesses have been facing for years and years is just a million times better.”