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Becoming transactional

Step into your users’ transactions by offering digital contracts incorporating e-signing, P2P payments, and related services like insurance offers, loans, etc. Gain valuable insight into the user journey outside of your platform and earn money on more than your ads.

Digital contracts

Provide your users with digital contract templates, helping them trade safely and with confidence. Both contract parties can edit simultaneously from separate devices and places.


It doesn’t get easier than signing a digital contract using a legally valid e-signature. Once both parties have signed, the contract can’t be manipulated.

Add-on integrations

A well-loved feature is the option of adding further services in the contract. We offer the possibility of integrating third party offers relating to the sale, like insurances, service, and warranties.

P2P payments

We’re extremely proud to have launched our escrow payment service on two markets. Buyers and sellers can finally trade safely without having to worry about not receiving their item or payment.

User insights

Utilize the contract data to improve functionality and increase personalization for your users. Learn more about behaviours and patterns, and follow the progress in your dashboard.

API integrations

Your users will love you for enabling pre-filled contracts, fetching data from the ad details on your own platform. This way, they’ll have a secure contract in place in less than 5 minutes.

A link is all you need

Regardless of if you’re a big online marketplace with thousands of daily visitors or a small business in need of signing a couple of contracts per month – Swiftcourt can help you. You don’t even need your own website. All you need is a link to the customized landing page we build based on your needs.

It’s then up to you if you want to put the link as a CTA on your website, or send it out personally to your clients.

We know what really converts and can help you with best practices, set up data tracking, and work actively with A/B testing.

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A wide range of contracts


Car, MC, caravan, boat, ATV and snowmobile


General template, electronics, services, and consultancy agreement


Letting agreements for both vacation rental and long-term housing


Cat, dog and horse

User insights

Follow your contract growth through your personal dashboard and get access to product and user data for each purchase (GDPR compliant).

Utilize the data to improve functionality, increase personalization, and ultimately improve customer retention.

“Swiftcourt has been a strong partner in FINN's commitment to transactional journeys. With a common focus on user value and partnership, we have together created great and safe services for our users”

Didrik Lund


Let's work together!

Get in touch and let’s chat about your needs!