How Swiftcourt works

Contracts & payments

Trading with a stranger? You’ve come to the right place. Use our digital contracts for your transaction and avoid unnecessary disputes. In the near future, we will also re-introduce a better version of our secure payment service. Keep scrolling to find out more!

>> How a contract works
>> How the payment service works

Using a contract

Create a contract through our website or via an ad from one of our partners. The cost of a contract depends on where it’s created. When using our contracts via one of our partners, they’re free of charge!

1. Share
Invite your counterparty to the contract by entering their e-mail and clicking the SHARE-button

2. Fill out
You and your counterparty co-edit the quality assured template. A contract created from an ad is pre-filled

3. Sign
Secure, simple, and quick – verify your phone number and draw your signature directly on your device

Do I need a contract?

Yeah. Use a contract in your transaction to properly document your agreement. Should any questions or disagreements arise after you’ve signed the contract, you’ll have documentation to present as proof. You’ll be required by law to deliver your end of the deal and are entitled to what was agreed upon.

Why a digital contract?

Because it can’t be manipulated. Once both parties have signed, neither one will be able to make any changes or forge a new signature. We store your contract and can attest to its originality.

Our digital contracts are edited from your phone, tablet or computer, pre-filled with information from marketplace ads, and accessible at any time. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be given the chance to sign up for carefully selected services that you would have anyways – like insurance and service deals from some of the most popular service providers on the market. All in just one click. Try getting a pdf or paper contract to do that!


Can I print the contract?

Of course! Both you and your counterparty will receive a printable PDF version of the contract. Print, frame, and hang above your bed!

Why was my signature removed?

If you were the first one to sign the contract and your counterparty changes any details, your signature will automatically be removed. You’ll be notified via email, giving you the chance to go in and review the changes before signing again. This is a necessary procedure to guarantee that the contract has not been manipulated.

In other words: once one person has signed, the other person will not be able to manipulate what that person signed. If they change it, a new signature is required.

Why didn’t the email get delivered?

What! That’s not cool. The vast majority of our links work, but if you received a dysfunctional one, it could be due to cookie errors. Try opening the link in another browser or an incognito window. You might have to clear your browser and cookie history.

If you’ve created a contract but didn’t open the link within 24 hours of receiving it, it might have expired for safety reasons. Try logging into and see if you can find your contract there. If you can’t, you’ll have to start a new one.

Where can I find my contract?

You find your contract when you log into your account on We store it for 2 years, keeping it fed and warm (but, of course, first and foremost: completely safe from manipulation).

If your counterparty shared a contract with you, you’ll find it by clicking the link in the email we sent you. Didn’t receive an email? See the why haven’t I received the link my counterparty shared with me? question!

Once the contract has been signed by both parties, you can always find it as a downloadable PDF-file in the email we've sent you.

Can three people sign?

At the moment we only offer contracts that are signed by two parties, no more – no less. But don’t think we haven’t heard you, we are looking into developing multiparty signing as a future feature!

The easiest way to get past this hurdle is issuing a power of attorney and thereby giving your co-signer the legal right to enter the agreement on your behalf as well as their own.

A) You enter the total sum in both contracts and specify that you have a solidarity obligation to pay

B) You split the sum and thereby take individual responsibility for paying your part. Should you need copies or have any further questions, contact us at and we’ll happily assist you!

What services do you offer?

Whenever we can add a service that will make your process of buying or selling something second hand simpler, we do! That means utilizing the contracts to give you awesome offers on insurances, guarantees, and other service deals! It's completely up to you if you want to add them or not.

E-signing, can I trust it?

You sure can! An e-signature is legally valid. When signing a Swiftcourt contract, the template can’t be manipulated after signing. We store information about your signatures and can back you up if your counterparty tries to pull one over on you. To put it simply: we’ll be your witnesses.

>> Read more about our e-signatures

Using the payment service

Not getting paid is a common concern for sellers, while buyers often worry that the seller will take their money and never hand over the vehicle. But fear not! We’ve got you covered. We collaborate with some marketplaces to offer you a secure and smooth way of paying.

With our service, the buyer won’t be able to drive off without paying and the seller can’t access the money until they’ve handed over the vehicle.

The payment process

1. Make the payment
The seller verifies their ID and enters their bank details. The buyer then pays into a holding vault. The payment is secured until the handover is confirmed.

2. Hand over the vehicle
Mutually confirm that the vehicle has successfully switched owner in order to release the payment to the seller.

Temporarily deactivated

We have temporarily deactivated the service to make it even better. Better how you might ask? We realized it needs to be faster and more efficient - and that is what we are working on! If you would like to know when it is live again, follow us on social media.

Who do you collaborate with?

At Swiftcourt, we’re partnered with some of Europe’s biggest online marketplaces. This is good news for you, as it means that you’ll be able to create contracts pre-filled with data from the ad – free of charge!

Germans love security, and so do we. So teaming with one of Germany’s biggest online marketplaces is a given. On you’ll find our secure digital sales contracts for vehicles.

FINN is the most popular marketplace in our neighboring country Norway, so naturally – they work with us to provide their users with safe methods for buying and selling.


On we offer digital contracts for tenancy agreements. Our lease agreements are highly popular amongst landlords and tenants looking for free rental contracts in Ireland.

We also collaborate with, AutoScout24,,, and