Secure your purchase when you’re buying from others!

Secure your deal

Secure Your Deal

It's easy to create and sign the sales contract for both the buyer and the seller.

Legally binding

Legally Binding

Swiftcourt's sales contract has the same legal validity as traditional contracts.


Dispute Your Purchase

If something goes wrong with your deal, you can easily dispute the purchase with Swiftcourt.


Make Better Deals

Safer deals means better deals, for both the buyer and the seller.

The Swiftcourt contract

Contract exempel

How does this work?

Agree to use Swiftcourt

Register at and fill out your Swiftcourt Sales Contract and send the contract to your counterparty through

Make the transaction

Your counterparty agrees to the contract – and you can safely make the purchase.

Any problems?

Dispute your purchase quickly and easily in case something goes wrong!

Swiftcourt will help you!

Swiftcourt resolves the problem for you in under 6 weeks!

What people think about us

"I buy a lot of things online and many times I’ve been disappointed with the things that I’ve bought. Since I started using Swiftcourt, I feel a lot more safe because I know I can dispute my purchase if something goes wrong."

You buy a product at Blocket, but the product does not live up to your expectations. If you can not agree with the seller, you can either choose to go to court or forget about it. Swiftcourt helps to resolve disputes that may arise between buyers and sellers online."

"If you've been stung by an online buy, you can get even online too, thanks to an unexpected side effect of the e-commerce boom - the rise of digital courts."

"The concept is innovative in many ways and are challenging in an industry characterized by conservative thinking and unwillingness to change. That requires courage, ambition and perseverance."

Ready to make your transaction safe?

Use Swiftcourt's Sales Contract to make a safe deal.

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