Sales Contracts to your private transactions

Possibility to opt in to an unique dispute resolution service in case the deal goes sour

What does Swiftcourt do?


Digital Contracts

Swiftcourt's contracts are digital. Easily create a contract and share it with your counterparty via email.

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Electronic signature

Digital Signing

The contract is signed digitally with your mobile phone. The signature is legally binding.

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Dispute Resolution

If you choose to use Swiftcourt's arbitration clause in the contract, you can use our dispute resolution for free.

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Why use Swiftcourt?

Swiftcourt offers a whole new way of handling transactions. By using our contracts you gain many advantages.

  • Contract template created by legal experts.
  • Share the contract digitally with your counterparty and fill it out together.
  • Add attachments, such as images and documents to your contract.
  • Sign digitally. The signatures are legally binding.
  • When the contract is signed, your will receive the contract as a PDF so that you can print the contract.
  • If something goes wrong with the deal, you can use Swiftcourt's unique dispute resolution and arbitration platform if you have opted in to this service in your contract.

Create your contract right away!

Choose a contract template and create your contract right away. It will only take a few minutes to make a more secure transaction.


A Smart Digital Contract

Using a digital contract comes with plenty of advantages compared to using a traditional paper contract.

  • No more hassle with paper contracts. Create, edit and sign digitally.
  • Sign your contract wherever your are; by your computer or when you meet with your counterparty.
  • Of course, the contracts are legally binding, just like a traditional paper contract.

Secure Digital Signatures

Swiftcourt's contracts are easily signed digitally. Your signature is stored by Swiftcourt which garantuess that it's legally binding.

  • Save time and money; Create, edit and sign digitally.
  • Keep track of all your contracts; Swiftcourt will keep your contracts safe and secure on the Swiftcourt platform.
  • The signatures are legally binding, just like a traditional signature on a paper contract.

Hanne made a safe deal with Swiftcourt

"I bought a motorcycle second-hand and suggested that we would use Swiftcourt for both of us to feel that the transaction was safe. Just the fact that the seller agreed indicated that he was honest. I wanted to be sure that the seller wasn't hiding any damages and he wanted to ensure that he would be payed as agreed.

Swiftcourt's contract made the deal safe for both of us.

I'm happy to use the service again."

What people think about us

"I buy a lot of things online and many times I’ve been disappointed with the things that I’ve bought. Since I started using Swiftcourt, I feel a lot more safe because I know I can dispute my purchase if something goes wrong."

You buy a product at Blocket, but the product does not live up to your expectations. If you can not agree with the seller, you can either choose to go to court or forget about it. Swiftcourt helps to resolve disputes that may arise between buyers and sellers online."

"If you've been stung by an online buy, you can get even online too, thanks to an unexpected side effect of the e-commerce boom - the rise of digital courts."

"The concept is innovative in many ways and are challenging in an industry characterized by conservative thinking and unwillingness to change. That requires courage, ambition and perseverance."


Swiftcourt for Businesses

You can also use Swiftcourt in your business. Just like for consumers, we provide business an easy-to-use service with legally binding contracts including online dispute resolution if a dispute arises.

  • Manage your contracts digitally, easy and effective.
  • Create trust towards your customers.
  • Make more secure deals, save time and money.
  • Solve your disputes alot faster compared to the traditional legal system.

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When can I use Swiftcourt?

We at Swiftcourt always aim to be as clear as we can regarding our service. That's why we would like to state the following:

This is when Swiftcourt's sales contracts can be used:

  • Tranasctions betweeen two private persons.
  • Transactions between two companies or organizations.
  • To establish a legally binding agreement between two private persons or between two companies/organizations.
  • To solve disputes regarding the transacation where a Swiftcourt sales contract, including our dispute clause, was used.

This is when Swiftcourt's sales contracts can not be used:

  • Transactions between a consumer and a company/organization.
  • Swiftcourt's dispute resolution does not apply if Swiftcourt's dispute clause is not part of the sales contract.
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