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Use a digital contract, it’s as simple as that

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when using a contract in your private transaction. Document the details of the trade and avoid future disagreement caused by misunderstandings or manipulation.

Co-edit online

Invite your counterparty to your digital contract by entering their email and clicking share. Co-edit together from separate devices and places. All you need is Internet access! And well, battery on your device.

Sign digitally

After verifying your phone number you easily sign using your finger or cursor. You’ll receive a signing certificate once the contract has been signed by both parties. Read more about digital signing here.

Stored in the cloud

There’s no need for you to print the contract – we store it on the cloud for you! We also send a PDF copy to your email, so you can print, frame and hang it above your bed if you want to.

Manipulation free

Sleep better than ever before, knowing that your contract, once co-signed, cannot be edited any further. In other words: no need for witnesses, we can guarantee its originality!

Quality assured by experts

Sign safely knowing the contract template you’re using has been created- and quality assured by experts.

Secure payments

Swiftcourt can act as a third party in your transaction and make sure that the seller receives the payment and the buyer gets the product.

Take part of relevant services to make your transaction easier

In many countries you must have an insurance in place before driving a car home, or wear a life jacket when going by boat. And maybe you want to be extra sure that regardless of your employment or health situation, you’ll be able to pay the phone bill for your new (used) phone that you bought.

We incorporate relevant offers into our contracts to make your entire transaction easier. The decision to add them or not is always completely up to you.

“Simple, transparent, valuable
Simple and transparent. Made a potentially stressful task very easy"


Secure payments between buyers and sellers

Even when using a contract, we know that many find the payment to be the scariest part of buying or selling something online. Does the buyer pay first or does the seller hand over the item? Is there a way for both parties to be safe?

We have created a payment solution that makes the payment simple and secure for both parties.

Curious to learn more? Click to read more about Swiftcourt Secure Escrow Payment.







Use a contract and avoid future discussions, misunderstandnings, and disputes.

  • 1. Fill out your contract. All you need is a device (mobile, tablet or computer) and Internet access
  • 2. Share with your counterparty. Simply enter their email and click “share”
  • 3. Sign the contract. Verify your phone number and then draw a signature using your finger or cursor


Safety & Privacy
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We’ve helped over 1 million people make safer transactions between one another since 2016. Our vision is simple and honest: we want you to be safe and feel confident when buying or selling something on the second hand market. In our office, located in Malmö, Sweden, we’ve gathered a team of tech savy, game-loving eager-beavers. Want to know more? Of course you do!

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