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Offer your service in our digital contracts and reach out to your target group when they need you the most
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When purchasing a completely new car, boat, phone or other valuable, customers are bombarded with items and services related to their purchase.

When buying the same thing used on the second hand market, it’s instead up to them look up insurance, service, loans etc. Yet they still need those things as much as the person who bought it new, if not more.

So how can you reach those customers? We’re glad you asked! Through our sales contracts, that’s how!

Okay, but does it work?

Yeah! Listen to this: 30% of users who view our insurance offers sign up, and 60% extend their subscription beyond the trial period.

How that’s possible? It’s a matter of presenting an offer they can’t refuse, right when they really need it.

Our add-on partners range from insurance companies, car and boat associations, toll related services, vets, pick-up services, and plenty more. We’ve got contracts for just about anything that can be sold on an online marketplace. Have you got the offer for our users? Great! Let’s talk!

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Smooth integrations

We display add-on services to users in our digital contracts and sendouts. Depending on your offer, it can be displayed to buyers, sellers, landlords, or tenants. If you prefer us building specific landing pages to inform about your services, we’re happy to help.

All you need to provide is a way for us to connect your new customer to you – whether it’s a simple link, through an email, or a more advanced API-integration.

If you’ve got the offer – we’ll sort out a solution.

A wide range of contracts


Car, MC, caravan, boat, ATV and snowmobile


General template, electronics, services, and consultancy agreement


Letting agreements for both vacation rental and long-term housing


Cat, dog and horse

Let's work together!

Get in touch and let’s chat about your needs!

“Swiftcourt has been a strong partner in FINN's commitment to transactional journeys. With a common focus on user value and partnership, we have together created great and safe services for our users”

Didrik Lund