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Johan Hedén Hultgren - CEO, Swiftcourt

Johan Hedén Hultgren

Johan is our energetic CEO and one of Swiftcourt’s proud founders.

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He’s the face of Swiftcourt, representing us when we reach out of our office bubble. We’ve got lots of fun facts about this guy, but the weirdest one might be that he’s obsessed with lingonberry jam (to the point where he puts it on pasta bolognese).
Sofia Malmberg, Swiftcourt

Sofia Malmberg

As Chief Growth Officer, Sofia is in charge of overlooking everything that will make us and our marketplace partners grow.

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Outside of business, she claims her biggest skill in life is gift-giving, citing an almost clairvoyant knack for finding the right present for the right person.
Hampus Sahlin, Swiftcourt

Hampus Sahlin

Not only is Hampus S our Chief Technical Officer, he’s also one of Swiftcourt’s proud founders.

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On a daily basis, he makes sure that the technical platform holds a high standard and helps his team of developers with their tasks. Legend has it that he makes the best pancakes in the world!
Nina Elnertz, Swiftcourt

Nina Elnertz

As Project Manager, Nina is the main point of contact and business developer for both new and existing marketplaces.

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Although she couldn’t be less interested in cooking, she loves baking and is by far the most popular person in the office since she shares her baked goods with her Swiftcourt team.
Måns Hindsö, Swiftcourt

Måns Hindsö

Måns is our Content Creator, focused on creating, reviewing and editing content for the company website and social channels.

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Although he's a breakdancer and HipHop dude™ from the south of Sweden, Måns has an unexpected love for the northern (very unique) singer Roger Pontare. We encourage you to Spotify Måns' favorite Himmel och hav if you haven't heard it already.
Olof Stenlund, Swiftcourt

Olof Stenlund

As Software Architect, Olof has an important role of designing, planning and architecting the software system.

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Because of Olof’s impressive experience on skis, he was actually considered for the lead role in the biographical sports film Eddie the Eagle. True story.
Richard Gustafsson, Swiftcourt

Richard Gustafsson

Our Software Engineer Richard spends his days testing and fixing our application.

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Richard was actually born a cat but transitioned into humanity at age 11. OR we made that up because he didn’t give us a fun fact. You be the judge.
Ekaterina Kretiv, Swiftcourt

Ekaterina Kretiv

Our Customer Success Agent Ekaterina resembles herself with a secret agent, and uses her observation skills to identify our customers needs.

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Impressively enough, she claims to be able to talk to cats in 5 languages! Although she doesn’t yet have any confirmation they understand any of the languages..
Aaron Wright, Swiftcourt

Aaron Wright

As Senior Software Engineer, Aaron develops and maintains our services to make sure they are par excellence.

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Self-diagnosed with borderline hoarding tendencies, Aaron is a proud owner of 350 vinyl records and a gaming collection of the same size. However, we don’t yet know the size of his Pokémon Go collection..
Eric Suess, Swiftcourt

Eric Suess

Our Business Analyst and #1 translator God, Eric, spends most of his time researching business opportunities on German speaking markets.

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Before joining Swiftcourt, he studied in the US and had to make a very cute and slightly embarrasing recruitment video playing soccer. (Please don't tell him we linked it here!)
Alexia Frieberg, Swiftcourt

Alexia Frieberg

Alexia dedicates her precious time to gifting Swiftcourt users with the best support experience possible! Isn't that nice of her?

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Alexia is obsessed with true crime in every form; podcast, documentary, and books. If you want a good ol' (real life) horror story, you know where to turn!
Akram Krayem, Swiftcourt

Akram Krayem

With a razor-sharp focus on increasing our users, growth manager Akram works with executing and measuring growth experiments.

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His major struggle in life is trying to choose whether to become a top rap lyricist or a blues guitar player.

Györk Bakonyi

Our Senior Software Engineer Györk spends his days tackling the architectural challenges that we face at Swiftcourt.

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Long before memes became a language of the everyday person, Györk participated in the first meme wars, battling it out on the OG forum Funnyjunk.
Dockplatsen 1, 211 19 Malmö, Sweden