Swiftcourt: Built With You in Mind

We’ve got everything you need for safe and secure P2P transactions, for both your business and users. Take a look!

Our digital contracts

Handshake icon A simple icon of a handshake

Legally binding

Our contracts are fully digital and legally binding after both parties have signed.

mouse cursor drawing digital signature

Electronic signature

A contract can be signed digitally using e-identification or two-step verification method.

Contract icon A simple icon of a document page

Specialized contracts for different verticals

We offer C2C and B2C contracts with templates specially created for different verticals.

Save icon A simple icon of a floppy disc

Saving and updating in real-time

The contract is auto-saved every few seconds and is updated for both users in real time.

Filled in contract icon A simple icon of a filled in document

Contract auto-fill

Get information from the ad listing and fill it in automatically into the contract. User’s credentials can be fetched from the user’s account on your website. With this function, your users can create the contract in 5 minutes!

Email icon A simple icon of an envelope

Email notifications

We notify users via email about important information around their contract and guide the users through the whole process.

Clock icon A simple icon of a clock

History of previous edits

Users can see what changes have been made in the contract and who has made the changes with the history log feature.

Copy icon A simple icon of two squares symbolizing the copying process

Copy a contract

Users can easily create a copy of their contracts.

Languages icon A simple icon of two speech bubbles representing communication process

Multiple contract languages

A contract template is available in multiple languages.

PDF icon A simple icon of a document in pdf-format

PDF copy

We send email with a PDF file of the contract and a signing certificate attached to both parties after the contract has been signed.

User account

User account icon A simple icon of a person

All contracts in one place

Users can easily access their contracts, as all of their contracts are stored digitally on the user’s account in the Swiftcourt app.

Multiple languages icon A simple icon of two different writing systems

9 languages available

Our app is available in 9 languages: Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, English, Finnish, Italian and French.

Smarthphone icon A simple icon of a smartphone Desktop icon A simple icon of a computer screen

Responsive interface

Our digital contract service can be used on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Payment service

Secure payment icon An icon of a hand holding money carefully

Secure Escrow Payment Service

We are keeping the money safe in the escrow account until both parties confirm the handover.

An illustration of a happy woman presenting an icon of a shield that contains a contract document


Magnifying glass icon A simple icon of a magnifying glass

KYC for payment service

We perform KYC checks on both buyers and sellers who use our payment service.

Fraud icon A simple icon of a robber mask

Blacklist function

We are blacklisting users who are trying to abuse our service for fraudulent activities, protecting other users from signing a contract with a potential fraudster.


Interconnected squares Interconnected squares visualizing integration

Link and API integration

We offer link integration, leading users to a landing page where they can create a contract. We also offer API integration, generating the contract directly from your website. Our API:s allow you to easily see contract status and get data from the contracts.

A contract with a plus sign A contract page with a plus sign

Add-on integration

Include additional services, such as insurance, automatic change of ownership or other relevant offers through our contracts. We offer integration of different complexity levels - a link redirecting the user to the additional service, an email send-out or API integration.


Statistics graph A statistics graph that goes up

KPI review

During your first three months you’ll get a monthly report summarizing the performance and progress.

Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher

Complaint system

If a disagreement arises after both parties have signed the contract, they can use our complaint system to start a dialogue about a possible solution.

Compass A compass

Support available

Our support agents are happy to help the users on weekdays. Check out our support team page to learn more