Learn more about Swiftcourt's digital signing

Digital signing

What is it?

A digital signature is what you probably think it is. It’s a way of legally signing a contract from the comfort of your bed.

How does it work?

Don’t worry, it’s really easy. Once you’ve filled out all of the required fields in the contract you can sign at any time. First, you verify your phone number by entering a verification code that we will send to your phone via SMS. Second, you draw your signature with your finger or cursor. Et voilà! Contract: signed.

Is it valid?

Yes. Swiftcourt’s digital signatures have the same legal validity and enforceability as traditional paper contracts. When you sign a contract with Swiftcourt’s digital signature, several actions are taken to gather correct and relevant information about what was signed, and under which circumstances a party entered into the agreement.

So traditional paper contracts are equally valid? Why do I need Swiftcourt then?

We’re really glad you asked, here’s where it gets good: we will be your witnesses. The information we can provide as an independent third party gives you a strong evidentiary mode compared to the information available with a traditional signing of an agreement without witnesses.

Swiftcourt gives both parties access to a digital checksum, which stores information about your contract. This checksum can be used to prove that no one has altered the contract after the signature was made. If your counterpart edits information in the contract after you’ve signed, your signature is removed. That way, you can get a good night’s sleep knowing you’ve signed a contract with ensured validity.

Information stored for each unique digital signature

Time Exact time when the signature was made.
IP-address IP-address for the unit on which the signature was made.
Checksum for the contract (SHA2-512) The digital checksum for the contract to be used for validation of the original status of the contract to make sure it has not been modified after the signing was made.
Firstname First name(s) of the parties.
Lastname Last name of the parties.
User ID The parties user ID in Swiftcourt’s system.
Phone number The parties phone numbers. The phone numbers are verified with an SMS code at the point of the signing.
Email The parties email addresses.
Contract role The parties role in the contract.
Signature (when signed with a digitally drawn signature) The signature is saved in base64-encoded format.