Projects during COVID-19

What can a small start-up like ours do to be part of the rescue team?

Well, as it turns out, quite a bit!

Aiding housing agents in Ireland

Our amazing partners at are working their butts off to help housing agents in Ireland keep their business running as usual – and it goes without saying that digital contracts are more relevant than ever. Agents and tenants work out the details of their agreement and sign their Swiftcourt digital contract online. Social distancing? Not an issue!

Free housing for health care workers

Another amazing initiative that we are working with on is offering free housing to health care heroes who aren’t able to reach their place of residence due to cutting public transportation or lack of sleep, or have to self isolate away from family or flat mates for a while. Our role? We’ve designed a digital contract specific to this heroic act, and couldn’t be prouder of it!

Second hand without shaking hands

Our neighbours at are making it possible to go through the entire process of buying a vehicle second hand, without ever meeting! And we’re stoked to be playing an important role in this. Examine the vehicle over video and then tick the option of getting it transported from seller to buyer free of charge in your digital contract!

Saving the summer

Okay, that title might be a bit of an overstatement. But, hear us out! Authorities predict that people will have to vacation within their own countries this summer, and while we (writing to you from cold, cold Sweden) agree that this somewhat sucks – we also view it as an opportunity to go and explore our home countries! That’s why we’re launching a boat rental contract on It just seems like the obvious thing to do. Boats should be used, not sit clucking in a marina!

Rent or put your own boat out for rent on and save the summer! Of course, we’ve also got our regular renting contracts available – the safest and easiest way of renting a cabin or country house!