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We’ve launched our payment service with the aim of making the last step of your transaction – paying and handing over the vehicle – as simple and secure as possible. Not getting paid is a common concern for sellers, while buyers often worry that the seller will take their money and never hand over the vehicle. But fear not! We’ve got you covered.

With our payment service, neither the buyer nor the seller need to worry. The payment is transferred into a secure vault where it stays until both parties have confirmed the handover. That way, the seller can’t access the money until they’ve handed over the vehicle and the buyer won’t be able to drive off without paying. It’s a win-win situation!

How does it work?

1. Set up the secure vault

When you’ve signed the contract, the seller initiates the payment process by confirming the payment details and going through an identification process.

The service is accessed in your contract that you open by logging into, or through following the contract link in your confirmation email.

2. Transfer payment into the vault

When the secure vault has been set up, the buyer receives an email saying that it’s time to pay.

The payment is transferred into the secure holding vault where neither the seller nor the buyer can access it until both parties have confirmed that the handover has been completed.

3. Confirm the handover

When the seller is notified that the payment has been transferred, it’s time to hand over the keys!

Once the handover is complete, both the seller and buyer confirm it in the online payment process that you access through the email we’ve sent you or by viewing your contract on

4. Seller receives payment

Once both parties have confirmed the handover, the payment is automatically transferred to the seller’s bank account. We then email a receipt of the payment to both the buyer and seller.

That's it!

You can trust that your payment process will be smooth and secure. The buyer transfers the payment before receiving the keys, and the seller doesn’t get access to the money until both parties confirm on the spot that the vehicle has been handed over.

Keep in mind though that while the payment process is secure, you still need to go through all the other steps with the same level of attention as you would otherwise. The buyer should examine the vehicle thoroughly and the seller is obliged to inform the buyer of any potential errors of the vehicle – before signing the contract.

What makes your payment service secure?

Good question! We asked our users what part of an online marketplace transaction they find most challenging, and it really came as no surprise to hear that it’s the payment. Both sellers and buyers worry about not getting what has been agreed upon. Because how can you trust a complete stranger?

Well, you can’t! That’s why we’ve worked day and night to bring you this solution. Once you’ve agreed to the conditions of your transaction and signed the contract, the buyer transfers the payment into a secure vault that we’ve set up for you. It stays there until both the seller and buyer, at the time of the handover, confirm that the vehicle has switched owner. After that, the payment is automatically transferred to the seller. This means that neither the buyer nor the seller can run away with the money or the vehicle without the other person receiving what they’re entitled to. Yes, we know, pretty amazing!

An additional step in making the process more secure is the identification process, where the seller needs to provide identification in the form of a driver’s license or passport. They will not be able to go any further in the process until this step is completed.

If any issues arise during your transaction, you just get in touch with our wonderful support team by clicking the support button down in the far right corner of this page, “deny transfer” in the payment process or sending an email to

Hard to beat, don't you think?

How does the identification process work?

When setting up the vault into which the buyer will securely transfer the payment, the seller needs to identify themself. By uploading images of either a driver’s license or passport, the identity that the seller has provided in your digital contract is confirmed. In other words, the name given in the contract must match the identification document provided in the payment!

Above you can see the requirements for the image you upload of your driver's license or passport. The process is usually instant and lets you proceed to entering your bank account details within minutes. It’s possible though that your request is sent to manual handling, which can take up to 48 hours.

What's the time frame for your payment service?

Well, it mostly depends on how quickly you act! The seller is usually notified within minutes when the buyer has transferred the payment into the vault. The identification process, where the seller identifies themselves through their driver’s license or passport, is also more or less instant as long as the information is entered correctly. If the identification process is escalated to manual handling, it can take up to 48 hours – the seller will be informed if this occurs. Once both parties have confirmed the handover, the seller can expect to see the payment on their account within two business days.

Contact our wonderful support team by clicking the support button in the lower right corner on this page or email us at if you have any further questions!

Do you store my personal data?

Swiftcourt collects and stores personal data to ensure the legal validity of 
your contract and signature. Doing so makes it possible to guarantee that 
your contract is the original, completely free from manipulation post-signing.

Swiftcourt only collects personal data relevant to your contract and 
potential add-on services. Among other things, your name, email, phone 
number, and address is collected – data that you’ve either provided 
yourself or that’s been collected from your marketplace ad.

Your personal data is stored on European servers for up to 2 years and is only 
shared with third parties that you’ve explicitly agreed to. This could be an 
insurance company, bank or other service provider that you’ve agreed to 

If you want to know more, you can read our privacy policy!


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