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How to handle a dispute

Make a Complaint

If you’re using or have used the Swiftcourt Secure Escrow Payment, you can use our Complaint service. The service is focused on conflict resolution between parties in dispute.

Request Mediation

If you and your counterparty can’t reach a solution through the Complaint service, you can ask for mediation help from Swiftcourt. Click the button “Request assistance” and a support agent will do their best to help you reach a solution.

Go to court

If the dispute remains unsolved after mediation, you can file a civil suit against your counterparty.

Can the contract be cancelled?

It is important to remember that signed contracts are legally binding and should be carried out. However, if both parties agree to cancel a contract or if one of the parties don’t perform their obligations specified by the contract, the contract may be cancelled.

Read more about this in our Help Center.

Note: Swiftcourt doesn’t mark contracts as active or canceled, therefore it is up to you and your counterparty to document that you agreed to cancel the contract.

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How to start a Complaint

When you’re using/have used the Secure Escrow Payment service, you are eligible to use our Complaints service. It’s available regardless of what step of the transaction you are in.

You can start a complaint by clicking the button at the top of your contract. After clicking the button you will be asked to choose a reason for the complaint and a possible solution.

You will also be requested to enter a description of the issue and will have the possibility to add attachments.

Read more about this in our Help Center.

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You shall... communicate as you wish. But we have written down a few pointers that are proven to stimulate constructive dialogue and increase the chances of reaching a solution.


1. Be friendly and polite
Even though you are trying to resolve a dispute, it is important that you respectfully communicate with the other party. This includes a polite tone and excludes abusive messages.

2. Listen carefully
Try to really listen to your counterparties’ arguments, so you understand their point of view. This will allow you to find the best solution.

3. Be clear and concise
As you are communicating online, it is relatively easy for misunderstandings to occur. In order to prevent this, it is important that your messages are very clear and concise.

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How can Swiftcourt help?

We offer mediation to parties who find themselves in a dispute. The mediation is available through our complaint service and is essentially a negotiation assisted by one of our support agents.

Our agent will act as a neutral third party and will supervise the information exchange, as they will try to help the parties find common ground and a mutually satisfactory solution.

The mediation is a non-binding procedure and our support agent will leave the decision power to the parties. With that said, we strongly believe it’s in everyone’s interest to find a solution during the mediation process, instead of going to court.

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What happens to the Purchase sum inside the escrow account?

If the purchase sum is held inside the escrow account when the conflict arises, we will initiate a payout to either the buyer or the seller dependant on the evidence provided.

Although, as we don’t have the legal mandate to decide what party is right in a dispute, the payout we initiate is not a legally binding decision. In case one party is unhappy with the outcome, they could file a civil suit with the district court for a final resolution.

Read more about this in our Help Center.

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If the dispute can't be solved

If you can’t solve the dispute with mediation help from Swiftcourt, you can file a civil suit against your counterparty.

However, we always recommend to seek a solution with your counterparty. Going to court is very time-consuming and can cost a lot of money.

If you’re still considering going to court, read more about filing a civil suit here.

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