Dealing with online fraud

Some users report that they've encountered scammers. Below you'll find information on
1. how to avoid scammers, and
2. what to do if you've been subjected to online fraud

Avoiding scammers

Some users report that they’ve encountered scammers on online marketplaces. We recommend you to do the following to stay safe:

- Always examine items pre-purchase. If the seller is sending an item to you; ask for additional pictures, receipts and/or other relevant documentation.

- Take screenshots and document as much of your transaction as possible.

- Always use a digital contract. Our contracts require identification from both parties and contain information that will be helpful in proving your rights.

- Double check the sender’s email address if you’re using our payment method. All automatic Swiftcourt emails are sent from either or We also recommend you to access the service through rather than by embedded email links.

- Don't pay the seller in advance.

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

Have you been subjected to online fraud?

If you suspect that you’ve been subjected to fraud, take action accordingly:

- Take screenshots of all the communication and documentation you can get your hands on.

- Contact your bank and inform them about the situation.

- Report the event to the police. Attach screenshots, your contract and signing certificate as these will be helpful in locating the scammer. The police can then contact us if they need more information.

Keep in touch with the police and the marketplace for further information. You can also always reach out to our team at, should you have any further questions.